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Experience the book that started the Quiet Movement and revolutionized how the world sees introverts-and how introverts see themselves-by offering validation, inclusion, and inspiration

"Superbly researched, deeply insi... Read more about Quiet

Carnegie’s metamorphosis from farmboy to salesman to public-speaking icon is also the story of the rise of the Extrovert Ideal. Carnegie’s journey reflected a cultural evolution that reached a tipping...


New York Times Bestseller

A New York Times Notable Book

Named one of the Best Books of the Year by the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Foreign Affairs, and Kirkus Reviews

Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award (Nonfiction)... Read more about SPQR

OUR HISTORY OF ancient Rome begins in the middle of the first century BCE, more than 600 years after the city was founded. It begins with promises of revolution, with a terrorist conspiracy to destroy...


What do readers say about The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society?

fun and lightletter writing formata hidden pigpost world war ii



A remarkable tale of the island of Guernsey during the German Occupation, and of a society as extraordinary as its name.

"Treat yourself to this book, please-I can't recommend it highly enough."-El... Read more about The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society

Susan just gave me the sales figures for Izzy?I can scarcely believe them. I honestly thought everyone would be so weary of the war that no one would want a remembrance of it?and certainly not in a bo...

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Concise, convincing and exciting, this is Christopher Hibbert's brilliant account of the events that shook eighteenth-century Europe to its foundation. With a mixture of lucid storytelling and fascinating detail, he charts the French Revolution from ... Read more about The French Revolution

In a quiet corner of the park at Versailles stands that delightful little pavilion of honey-coloured stone known as the Petit Trianon. Designed for Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s entertaining mi...



My name is Kvothe.

I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the Unive... Read more about The Name of the Wind

Old Cob was filling his role as storyteller and advice dispensary. The men at the bar sipped their drinks and listened. In the back room a young innkeeper stood out of sight behind the door, smiling a...


"[A] tale of power, perseverance and passion . . . a great story in the hands of a master storyteller."-The Wall Street Journal

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Peter the Great, Nicholas and Alexandra, and The Romanovs returns with another maste... Read more about Catherine the Great

PRINCE CHRISTIAN AUGUSTUS of Anhalt-Zerbst was hardly distinguishable in the swarm of obscure, penurious noblemen who cluttered the landscape and society of politically fragmented eighteenth-century G...


"Superb...A masterpiece of thorough research, deft pacing and arresting detail...This war story - the fight to break out of a frozen hell near the Chosin Reservoir - has been told many times before. But Sides tells it exceedingly well, with fresh res... Read more about On Desperate Ground

Major General Oliver Prince Smith, fifty-six years old, was a cerebral, soft-spoken man whose habits seemed atypical of a gung-ho Marine. There was no bluster in his demeanor. A Berkeley graduate who ...


Buffy meets Jane Austen in the first book of this wickedly funny NYT bestselling series about a young woman whose brush with the supernatural leads to a deadly investigation of London's high society.

Alexia Tarabotti is laboring under a great many so... Read more about Soulless

Miss Alexia Tarabotti was not enjoying her evening. Private balls were never more than middling amusements for spinsters, and Miss Tarabotti was not the kind of spinster who could garner even that muc...


"One of the most enjoyable marriages of the fantasy and mystery genres on the shelves,"(Cinescape) the Dresden Files have become synonymous with action-packed urban fantasy and nonstop fun. Fool Moon continues the adventures of Jim Butcher's most fam... Read more about Fool Moon

Inever used to keep close track of the phases of the moon. So I didn’t know that it was one night shy of being full when a young woman sat down across from me in McAnally’s pub and asked me to tell he...



"Desperately funny . . . An ingenious comedy of errors." --Janet Maslin, The New York Times

" Satire at its best ." --Newsweek

In this record-breaking bestseller, Timur Vermes imagines what would happen if Adolf Hil... Read more about Look Who's Back

I remember waking up; it must have been early afternoon. Opening my eyes I saw above me the sky, which was blue with the occasional cloud. It felt warm, and I sensed at once that it was too warm for A...

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