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Miss Pettigrew, an approaching-middle-age governess, was accustomed to a household of unruly English children. When her employment agency sends her to the wrong address, her life takes an unexpected turn.

The alluring nightclub singer, Delysia LaFoss... View details

Miss Pettigrew pushed open the door of the employment agency and went in as the clock struck a quarter past nine. She had, as usual, very little hope, but today the Principal greeted her with a more c...
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From the award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wayward Son, Fangirl, Carry On, and Landline comes a hilarious and heartfelt novel about an office romance that blossoms one email at a time….

Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder k... View details

Would it kill you to get here before noon? I’m sitting here among the shards of my life as I know it, and you …if I know you, you just woke up. You’re probably eating oatmeal and watching Sally Jessy ...
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Sense and Sensibility is the story of the two Dashwood sisters, who embody the conflict between the oppressive nature of "civilized" society and the human desire for romantic passion. Elinor is cautious and unassuming about sentimental matters, while... View details

The family of Dashwood had been long settled in Sussex. Their estate was large, and their residence was at Norland Park, in the centre of their property, where for many generations they had lived in s...
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Presenting a thrilling new voice in children's literature-a witty, gripping adventure story featuring a boy and his not-so-tame djinni.

Nathaniel is a young magician's apprentice, taking his first lessons in the arts of magic. But when a devious hot... View details

THE TEMPERATURE OF the room dropped fast. Ice formed on the curtains and crusted thickly around the lights in the ceiling. The glowing filaments in each bulb shrank and dimmed, while the candles that ...
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After their parents' divorce, the Grace kids - twins Jared and Simon and their older sister Mallory - move with their mom to the decaying old mansion belonging to their ancient great-aunt Lucinda, who has been sent off to an asylum. But before they c... View details

“Just because you’ve got one black eye doesn’t mean I can’t give you another one.” Mallory flipped her ponytail as she turned toward him. She shoved a heavy suitcase into his hands. “Go ahead and carr...
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The New York Times bestselling author and Queen of the Beach Reads delivers her next blockbuster: Sunset Beach is a compelling ride, full of Mary Kay Andrews' signature wit, heart, and charm.

Pull up a lounge chair and have a cocktail at Sunset Beach... View details

“Thanks, babe.” She gave the cracked vinyl dashboard an encouraging pat, then shifted into reverse and eased her foot onto the accelerator. The motor gave a strangled wheeze and cut off again. Now eve...
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New York Times Bestseller

One of the Guardian's "100 Best Books of the 21st Century" - "A modern feminist classic."... View details

2. Almost thirty years ago the cartoonist Riana Duncan captured the sexist atmosphere of the committee or the boardroom. There is hardly a woman who has opened her mouth at a meeting and not had, at s...
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Frannie Thorstin is a divorced English professor, living in a two room New York apartment. She spends much of her time alone, working on a book about dialects and idiomatic language. One evening at a bar, Frannie stumbles upon a man and a woman engag... View details

The whole class was having trouble with irony. They do much better with realism. Realism, they think, is simply a matter of imitating Ernest Hemingway. Short flat sentences, an adjective before every ...
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Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most influential companies on the planet. Just about everyone thinks they know how they got there. Just about everyone is wrong.

For all that's been... View details

As I write this, Jeff Bezos is the third wealthiest person in the world. He will soon be number one. The current gold and silver medalists, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, are in great businesses (softw...
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Insane innkeepers, cannibalistic cooks: the staff of the Brant Hotel would like to meet you!

Massive nights, picturesque days: there is nothing Claire doesn't love about her summer job in Mission, Massachusetts. Claire is just trying to keep her hea... View details

She had cooled down on that stuff in college, cut down on the video games and eased off the punk rock act a little. Not too much—she’d still spit in your drink if you said anything untoward about The ...
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