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What do readers say about All Grown Up?

an age-gap romance it is very steamy and detailed

A new, sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.

When I first encountered Ford Donovan, I had no idea who he was...well, other than the obvious. Young, gorgeous, successful, smart. Did I mention young? If I did, it bears repeati... More details on All Grown Up

Every other Sunday, Eve and I went to a different restaurant to check out the competition. She owned a French bistro on the Upper East Side and liked to sample the menus and check out the pricing of n...
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What do readers say about On the Island?

contemporary romance-disaster romance a plane crash

In this runaway New York Times bestseller, a harrowing near-death experience brings together an English teacher and her student as they struggle to survive on a desert island.

Sixteen-year-old T.J. Callahan has no desire to go anywhere. With his canc... More details on On the Island

Things started to go wrong in Germany. It should have taken a little over eighteen hours to fly from Chicago to Malé—the capital city of the Maldives—but after mechanical problems and weather delays w...
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What do readers say about Lessons in Corruption?

motorcycle club romance character mc series

He was eighteen.

The heir to a notorious, criminal MC.

And my student.

There was no way I could get involved. ... More details on Lessons in Corruption

He had grease on his face. My eyes zoomed in on the smear of motor oil, the aggressive slash of his cheekbones protruding almost brutally under his tanned skin so that they created a hollow in his che...
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What do readers say about The Unidentified Redhead?

her debut novel a soap opera

The first in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton's Redhead series is a playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood's hottest new leading man.


Grace Sheridan is back. Ten years after discovering t... More details on The Unidentified Redhead

“That’s it,” Holly announced. “I’m coming in. Suck it in, Grace!” She came barreling through the door, stopping short when she saw me struggling on the bed. I was laid out flat on the sheets in a char...
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What do readers say about Love Hacked?

all the characters a thoughtful story

There are three things you need to know about Sandra Fielding: 1) She makes all her first dates cry, 2) She hasn't been kissed in over two years, and 3) She knows how to knit. Sandra has difficulty removing her psychotherapist hat. Of her last 30 dat... More details on Love Hacked

I met Chuck standing in the concession line at a Cubs game. I saw him and just knewthat this was the guy. He wasthe onementioned in my Sunday horoscope. As all very important and highly intelligent fe...
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What do readers say about Anyone But You?

alternate narrative perspectives early book of crusies

For Nina Askew, turning forty means freedom-from the ex-husband, freedom from their stuffy suburban home, freedom to focus on what she wants for a change. And what she wants is something her ex always vetoed-a puppy. A bouncy, adorable puppy.

Instea... More details on Anyone But You

the door, determined to pick herself out the perkiest birthday present on four paws. So what i f yesterda y had been her fortieth birthday? Forty was a good age for a woman. It meant freedom. Especial...
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What do readers say about That Kind of Guy?

fresh, open style a small town romance

She wants a fake relationship. He needs something real.

If there's one thing Rae can't stand, it's pity. She's forty, frazzled, and fed up-so attending an awards ceremony alone while her ex swans about with his new wife? Not an option. To avoid t... More details on That Kind of Guy

Even Rae’s ill-advised day-drinking didn’t awaken her hibernating creativity. She spent the rest of the day grappling with her own mind and staring at the words ‘Chapter Four’ on her computer screen, ...
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What do readers say about The Idea of You?

it explored sexist stereotypes romance novel

Included on The Skimm's 2020 list of Eight Books Both You and Mom Will Love

"The sleeper hit of the pandemic . . . . There is no escapism like reading about a nearly middle-aged woman embarking on a glittering, global love affair with a thoughtful y... More details on The Idea of You

An unopened package of Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky brushes was lying on the entry table, alongside a set of thirty-six Holbein watercolors. I’d spent a fortune at Blick stocking up on materials for my a...
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What do readers say about The Pool Boy?

the treasures within the plot was amazing

Nothing says happy birthday like catching your husband in a compromising position with his boss.His male boss.Why, hello, midlife crisis. I'm starting over, but this time I'm doing it right. Or at least I'm doing what I want.Taking the day off from w... More details on The Pool Boy

Sweat trickled down my back, making my sleeveless silk blouse stick to my skin. Okay, this was getting ridiculous. The air conditioning at the office had never been great, and it had barely been worki...
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What do readers say about Happiness for Beginners?

women's fiction with romance a kissing-only book

From the New York Times bestselling author of How to Walk Away and Things You Save in a Fire

Helen Carpenter can't quite seem to bounce back. Newly divorced at thirty-two, her life has fallen apart beyond her ability to put it together again. So when... More details on Happiness for Beginners

If you want to put me in Hell, plunk me down in the middle of a party where I don’t know anyone. If you want to be really thorough, fill the place with drunken college kids. And make sure every other ...
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