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New York Times bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett makes Death a central character in Mort, his fourth sojourn to Discworld, the fantasy cosmos where even the angel of darkness needs some assistance.

When inept, but well-intentioned Mort gets on... More details on Mort

A light frost began to crisp the cobblestones. In the ornamental clock tower that overlooked the square a couple of delicately-carved little automatons whirred out of trapdoors in the clockface and st...
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Amazon Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book of 2018

One of Entertainment Weekly's 10 Best YA Books of 2018

One of Publishers Weekly's Best YA Book of the Year

A National Indie Bestseller ... More details on A Winter's Promise

The Family Archives building, for example, was forever in a foul mood. It spent its days cracking, creaking, dripping, and puffing to express its disgruntlement. It didn’t like the drafts that made do...
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Souls in the Great Machine is the first volume of Sean McMullen's brilliant future history of the world of Greatwinter.

The great Calculor of Libris was forced to watch as Overmayor Zarvora had four of its components lined up against a wall and sho... More details on Souls in the Great Machine

In Sean McMullen's glittering, dynamic, and exotic world two millennia from now, there is no more electricity, wind engines are leading-edge technology, librarians fight duels to settle disputes, stea...
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"Every Flavia de Luce novel is a reason to celebrate."-USA Today


"[Alan] Bradley has created one of the most original, ... More details on I Am Half-Sick of Shadows

Up and down the long gallery I flew, the silver blades of my skates making the sad scraping sound of a butcher’s knife being sharpened energetically on stone. Beneath the icy surface, the intricately ...
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The Sol Majestic is a big-hearted and delightful intergalactic hopepunk adventure for fans of Becky Chambers and The Good Place

"A feast of a book."-Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire

Kenna, an aspirational teen guru, wanders destitute across... More details on The Sol Majestic

His gut rumbles as he wills himself to walk down the corrugated steel corridor. There are four of them, well-fed workers’ sons hulking with gene-enhanced muscles. They laugh as they push light-balls b...
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An unsettling cold case investigation ensnares Cormoran Strike and his partner in a web of dangerous secrets in this #1 New York Times bestseller, the inspiration for HBO Max's acclaimed series C.B. Strike.

When a troubled young man named Billy a... More details on Lethal White

He was loath to change the couple’s position, because the soft light beneath the canopy of trees was turning the bride, with her loose red-gold curls, into a pre-Raphaelite angel and emphasizing the c...
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The Last Emperox is the thrilling conclusion to the award-winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling Interdependency series, an epic space opera adventure from Hugo Award-winning author John Scalzi.

The collapse of The Flow, the interstellar p... More details on The Last Emperox

On the top floor of the Guild House building, in the great conference room set aside for the use of the governing board of the House of Wu, where Deran Wu stood at the head of the immense table and of...
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It's all she's ever wanted to be, but it couldn't be further from her grasp…

Dana Hathaway doesn't know it yet, but she's in big trouble. When her alcoholic mom shows up at her voice recital drunk, again, Dana decides she's had enough and runs away t... More details on Glimmerglass

My palms were sweaty and my heart was in my throat as my plane made its descent into London. I could hardly believe I was really doing this, hardly believe I had found the courage to run away from hom...
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Ethel Turner (1872 -1958) was an Australian novelist and children's writer. She started her writing career at eighteen with her sister Lillian, with whom she founded the Parthenon, a journal for young people. Originally published in 1894. Seven Littl... More details on Seven Little Australians

If you imagine you are going to read of modelchildren, with perhaps; a naughtily inclined one to point a moral,you had better lay down the book immediately and betake yourself to'Sandford and Merton' ...
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From the award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wayward Son, Fangirl, Carry On, and Landline comes a hilarious and heartfelt novel about an office romance that blossoms one email at a time….

Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder k... More details on Attachments

Would it kill you to get here before noon? I’m sitting here among the shards of my life as I know it, and you …if I know you, you just woke up. You’re probably eating oatmeal and watching Sally Jessy ...
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