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"An addictively satisfying, deeply amusing, dirty-ass masterpiece."

-William Gibson

"A sharp-edged urban fantasy, drenched in blood and cynicism, tipping its hat to Sam Peckinpah, Raymond Chandler, and the anti-heroes of Hong Kong cinema….A bravura ... More details on Sandman Slim

Personally, I don’t have anything against shroud eaters. They’re just another kind of addict in a city of addicts. Since most of them started out as civilians, the percentage of decent vampires to com...
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What do readers say about The Dance Of The Voodoo Handbag?

first person account bizarre plot twists great opening line quirky, yet funny

This is the story of Billy, whose Grandmother left him the "voodoo handbag" in her will, after he had sold her soul to science. The tales it tells Billy will change his life forever-and the lives of other people as well.... More details on The Dance Of The Voodoo Handbag

‘Really? Yet in a taped interview with me earlier this month you claimed that by moving a biro in your top pocket, or putting paperclips on your ear, you could cause major events to occur’ — more case...
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"Take Buckaroo Banzai, Hellblazer and Barbarella, turn it into the 80s cartoon of your childhood dreams, and fast forward to right here, right now. If that sounds too much like a virgin version of your favourite cocktail, don't despair. This is a gro... More details on The Brothers Jetstream

THE LUXURIOUS BAYSIDE HOME OF Mrs. Janine Grissom, recently disowned by the New England Grissoms for her appalling decision to consort with …well, they weren’t entirely sure whom, but anytime you’re c...
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Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, Neuromancer is a science fiction masterpiece-a classic that ranks as one of the twentieth century's most potent visions of the future.

Case was the sharpest data-thief in the matrix-until he cros... More details on Neuromancer

“It’s not like I’m using,” Case heard someone say, as he shouldered his way through the crowd around the door of the Chat. “It’s like my body’s developed this massive drug deficiency.” It was a Sprawl...
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From the award-winning author of Gil's All Fright Diner comes a fantastic sci-fi mystery read The Automatic Detective

Even in Empire City, a town where weird science is the hope for tomorrow, it's hard for a robot to make his way. It's even harder fo... More details on The Automatic Detective

But Technotopia was the official party line, along with the motto "Building Tomorrow's Town. Today." I guess it all depended on what you thought the future should look like. If you were looking for a ...
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The absurdly outrageous, sarcastically satiric, and always entertaining New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore returns in finest madcap form with this zany noir set on the mean streets of post-World War... More details on Noir

She had the kind of legs that kept her butt from resting on her shoes—a size-eight dame in a size-six dress and every mug in the joint was rooting for the two sizes to make a break for it as they watc...
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In a world where death is a thing of the past, how far would you go to solve your own murder? NYPD detective Paul Donner and his wife Elise were killed in a hold-up gone wrong. Fifty years later, Donner is back: revived courtesy of the Shift. Suppose... More details on Necropolis

A rusted iron fence, complete with Gothic spikes, struggled to remain upright amid the weeds and broken glass. Rows of headstones sat skewed like dragon’s teeth. The stones were monstrosities, encrust...
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New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green returns to the bizarre and gleefully dangerous backdrop (Jim Butcher, #1 NewYork Times bestselling author of the Dresden Files)of the Nightside with this landmark collection of short fiction.

Welcome ... More details on Tales from the Nightside

The Nightside is the secret, sick, magical heart of London. A city within a city, where the night never ends and it’s always three o’clock in the morning. Hot neon reflects from rain-slick streets, an...
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What do readers say about KOP?

juno mozambe mystery # 1 trilogy

Juno is a dirty cop with a difficult past and an uncertain future. When his family and thousands of others emigrated to the colony world of Lagarto, they were promised a bright future on a planet with a booming economy.

But before the colonists arriv... More details on KOP

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What do readers say about Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency?

science fiction mystery crazy and funny time travel story inventive, original and clever

From Douglas Adams, the legendary author of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, comes a wildly inventive novel of ghosts, time travel, and one detective's mission to save humanity from ext... More details on Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

This time there was just the dead earth, a rumble of thunder, and the onset of that interminable light drizzle from the north-east by which so many of the world’s most momentous events seem to be acco...
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