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What do readers say about Red, White & Royal Blue?

light and funny well-paced and believable love and politics fun and sweet

* Instant NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestseller *



What happens when America's First Son falls in love with t... More details on Red, White & Royal Blue

On the White House roof, tucked into a corner of the Promenade, there’s a bit of loose paneling right on the edge of the Solarium. If you tap it just right, you can peel it back enough to find a messa...
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An iBooks Best Romance of August Pick!

One of Publishers Weekly's Buzz Books of Romance 2017!

An Amazon Best Romance of August Pick!

2017 RT Reviewer's Choice Book of the Year Nominee and 2017 RT Reviewer's Choice Nominee for Best Historical Love... More details on The Duchess Deal

She swallowed hard. She could do this. Once, she’d walked to London alone in the bitter heart of winter. She’d refused to succumb to despair or starvation. She’d found work and made a new life for her...
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What do readers say about Neanderthal Seeks Human?

light fluffy romance fun and sweet a smart romance smart, funny book

This is a full-length, 110k word novel and is the first book in the Knitting in the City series. There are three things you need to know about Janie Morris: 1) She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without volunteering TMTI (Too Much Trivial... More details on Neanderthal Seeks Human

Sitting on the toilet, I started to panic when I noticed the graveyard of empty toilet paper rolls. The brown cylinders had ostensibly been placed vertically to form a half oval on top of the flat shi...
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Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science fiction author. Now, with her trademark wit and inventiveness, she explores the intimate relationship between science, pop culture, and the arcane secrets of the heart.

Sandra F... More details on Bellwether

hula hoop (march 1958—june 1959)—–The prototype for all merchandising fads and one whose phenomenal success has never been repeated. Originally a wooden exercise hoop used in Australian gym classes, t...
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What do readers say about The Half Orc's Maiden Bride?

light fun easy read plenty of hot action a sense of humour cute and sweet

Lady Iolanthe of Rockmourn Keep expects to be a spinster all her days. She is very tall. She is very poor. And she is thirty. What lord could possibly want her?

But then her father returns with news that he has found a bridegroom for her - one that i... More details on The Half Orc's Maiden Bride

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In her Avon debut, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis launches a fun, sexy new contemporary romance series featuring a boy, a girl, and one wily wishing well.

Choose the one guy you can't have . . .

As captain of a San Fr... More details on Sweet Little Lies

Something Pru understood all too well. She set a wriggly Thor down and shook her arms to try and bring back some circulation. Twenty-five pounds of wet, tubby, afraid-of-his-own-shadow mutt had felt l...
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What do readers say about A Little Light Mischief?

people in love fun and sweet romance a happy ending f/f novella

A seductive thief

Lady's maid Molly Wilkins is done with thieving-and cheating and stabbing and all the rest of it. She's determined to keep her hands to herself, so she really shouldn't be tempted to seduce her employer's prim and proper companion,... More details on A Little Light Mischief

Most lady’s maids Alice had met were either French or at least pretended to be French; failing that, they were Englishwomen of the austere, rail-thin variety. Molly Wilkins was neither, and Alice didn...
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What do readers say about Heidi's Guide to Four Letter Words?

light contemporary romance hilarious and fun fun and sweet small town in minnesota

Cowritten by USA Today best-selling author Tara Sivec and award-winning narrator Andi Arndt, a hysterically funny, heartfelt romance about starting over and taking chances.Nothing good ever comes from drinking a box of wine alone. So when I decided t... More details on Heidi's Guide to Four Letter Words

Closing my eyes, I take a deep, calming breath and enjoy the peaceful sounds of a beautiful, hot summer night in Waconia, Minnesota. Sitting in a chair on the front porch of my home after the long, st...
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"If Mooncakes were a spell, it would be a housewarming charm that settles with care into the softest parts of a home and makes the houseplants grow. I wish I could live inside this book." - New York Times bestselling author Casey McQuiston

A story of... More details on Mooncakes

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Live in the best small town in the world? Check.Have the greatest job ever working on my family's pumpkin farm? Check.Marry the town pharmacist and have a nice, quiet life with our son? Check-check."Oh, I'm sorry. Did you say you were happy? LOLOLOLO... More details on Just My Type

Grabbing a lock of my ratty, blonde hair that has fallen out of my messy bun between two fingers, I bring it up to my nose and give it a whiff. When the smell doesn’t make me wince, I nod to myself an...
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