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In the volatile tinderbox of the Horn of Africa, Morgan Adler has made the paleoanthropological find of a lifetime. The discovery brings her to the attention of a warlord eager to claim both Morgan and the fossils, forcing her to make a desperate das... View details

Morgan Adler’s gaze darted between the cloud of dust in her rearview mirror and the road in front of her. Two more miles. She was going to make it. With the American embassy closed, Camp Citron, a US ...
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A year ago she lost everything. Now she wants revenge…

Accused of stealing artifacts from a five hundred year-old shipwreck, underwater archaeologist Erica Kesling is determined to clear her name. She's concealed her past and taken a job certain t... View details

M usic pulsed through Erica Kesling’s headphones as she thrust her foot high, hitting the hanging punching bag right where Jake Novak’s face ought to be. Her gloved fists found the same spot, two blow...
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"Grant expertly braids together action and romance in a propulsive, page-turning suspense thriller." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

CIA covert operator Savannah James is after intel on a potential coup in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ... View details

Savannah James didn’t bother to look up from her computer screen to see who’d entered her office without knocking. A tingling in her neck told her Sergeant First Class Cassius Callahan had arrived. Th...
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"Grant sets a new gold standard for romantic suspense." - New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz

When a food storage depot in famine-struck South Sudan is torched, American aid worker Brie Stewart flees, only to land in a market where sh... View details

Sebastian Ford scanned the club, his gaze landing on the woman he was searching for. He’d recognized her the moment he spotted her in Savannah James’s office. What the hell was Princess Prime doing at...
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From unrelenting action to intense emotion, from high-stakes drama to break-neck pacing, bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann is a novelist who does it all. Now Brockmann delivers an exciting thriller about men and women operating where agents of the... View details

Before tonight, the closest Tess Bailey had come to a strip club was on TV, where beautiful women danced seductively in G-strings, taut young body parts bouncing and gleaming from a stage that sparkle...
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Readers also searched for:
military romance romantic suspense