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"Midnight Riot is what would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the Fuzz. It is a hilarious, keenly imagined caper."-Diana Gabaldon

Probationary Constable Peter Grant dreams of being a detective in London's Metropolitan Police. Too bad his su... Read more about Midnight Riot

IT STARTED at one thirty on a cold Tuesday morning in January when Martin Turner, street performer and, in his own words, apprentice gigolo, tripped over a body in front of the West Portico of St. Pau...


Updated, with new research and over 100 revisions

Fox revisits a strange and fascinating culture, governed by complex sets of unspoken rules and bizarre codes of behavior. She demystifies the peculiar cultural rules that baffle us: the rules of weath... Read more about Watching the English

Any discussion of English conversation, like any English conversation, must begin with the weather. And in this spirit of observing traditional protocol, I shall, like every other writer on Englishnes...


Soon to be a Netflix animated series!

The New York Times bestselling debut by Adam Gidwitz, the Newbery Honor-winning author of The Inquisitor's Tale.

"A wonderful sense of humor and narrative voice … completely fresh and unique." -Rick Riordan, #1 ... Read more about A Tale Dark & Grimm

I am well aware that nobody wants to hear a story that happens before the main characters show up. Stories like that are boring, because they all end exactly the same way. With the main characters sho...


"[Artemis Fowl] will grab your interest, no matter what your age."

-The New York Post

Artemis has committed his entire fortune to a project he believes will save the planet and its inhabitants, both human and fairy. Can it be true? Has goodness taken... Read more about The Atlantis Complex

Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier in Europe, with an area of more than five thousand stark blue-white miles. It is, for the most part, uninhabited and desolate and, for scientific reasons, the perfec...


Now celebrating the 42nd anniversary of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, soon to be a Hulu original series!

"Hitchhiker fans rejoice! . . . [Here's] more of the same zany nonsensical mayhem."-The New York Times Book Review

It's easy to get dish... Read more about Mostly Harmless

The history of the Galaxy has got a little muddled, for a number of reasons: partly because those who are trying to keep track of it have got a little muddled, but also because some very muddling thin...


For over twenty years, psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has examined the quirky science of everyday life. In Quirkology , he navigates the backwaters of human behavior, discovering the tell-tale signs that give away a liar, the secret science b... Read more about Quirkology

Science (1998): 279, 396. This finding has been challenged in the following paper: K. P. Wright and C. A. Czeisler, “Absence of Circadian Phase Resetting in Response to Bright Light Behind the Knees,...


Nick Naylor likes his job. In the neo-puritanical nineties, it's a challenge to defend the rights of smokers and a privilege to promote their liberty. Sure, it hurts a little when you're compared to Nazi war criminals, but Nick says he's just doing w... Read more about Thank You For Smoking

There was a thick stack of WHILE YOU WERE OUTS when he got back to the Academy’s office in one of the more interesting buildings on K Street, hollowed out in the middle with a ten-story atrium with ba...


"You want to pay me to sleep with your wife?"

Kirk is extremely surprised by Ralph's proposition. He's even more surprised by the next part: Kirk is supposed to perform BADLY, to make Ralph look good by comparison.

And Julie isn't supposed to know th... Read more about Bang Up

Kirk Bammins didn't particularly want to shake this guy's hand, but he also didn't want to be impolite. The man was about forty, heavyset, and his white t-shirt was soaked with sweat even though the r...


What do readers say about My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon?

archie and esmarfunny and badassgood story linea recipe for ultimate disaster

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?Try always the florist.

This high-profile wedding gig comes with a dreamy week in paradise.

The sun, sand, and sea will make the hard work worth it.

Or so I thought until that dream becomes a nightmare.... Read more about My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon

“Girls just wanna have fu-un,” I sing along, not caring that I’m off-key as I tie a hand-dyed hot pink silk ribbon around a bundle of colorful garden roses while Cyndi Lauper belts her heart out over ...


Rules are made to be broken . . .

If England had yearbooks, I'd probably be "Arden St. Ives: Man Least Likely to Set the World on Fire." So far, I haven't. I've no idea what I'm doing at Oxford, no idea what I'm going to do next and, until a week ag... Read more about How to Bang a Billionaire

I was supposed to be doing this college fund-raiser thing where undergraduates called up wealthy alumni and connected deeply with them in a way that got them all nostalgic and wallet-opening or bank-t...

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