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"A novelistic mosaic that simultaneously reads like a thriller and like a strange, dreamlike excursion into the subconscious." -The New York Times

Years ago, when House of Leaves was first being passed around, it was nothing more than a badly bundled... View details

§Provide examples of hand shadows ranging from crabs, snails, rabbits,and turtles to dragons, panthers, tigers, and kangaroos. Also includehippos, frogs, elephants, birds of paradise, dogs, cockatoos,...
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From the acclaimed author of "Knockemstiff"-called "powerful, remarkable, exceptional" by the "Los Angeles Times"-comes a dark and riveting vision of America that delivers literary excitement in the highest degree.

In "The Devil All the Time," Donal... View details

IT WAS A WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON in the fall of 1945, not long after the war had ended. The Greyhound made its regular stop in Meade, Ohio, a little paper-mill town an hour south of Columbus that smelled ...
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Soon to be a major motion picture-releasing August 31 in the US-the nationally bestselling and chillingly rendered ghost story-"several sleepless nights are guaranteed" (Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly).

One postwar summer, in his home in rural Wa... View details

I first saw Hundreds Hall when I was ten years old. It was the summer after the war, and the Ayreses still had most of their money then, were still big people in the district. The event was an Empire ...
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"This is totally, brilliantly original." -Stephen King

"HEX is creepy and gripping and original, sure to be one of the top horror novels of 2016." -George R.R. Martin

The English language debut of the bestselling Dutch novel, Hex, from Thomas Olde H... View details

STEVE GRANT ROUNDED the corner of the parking lot behind Black Spring Market & Deli just in time to see Katherine van Wyler get run over by an antique Dutch barrel organ. For a minute he thought it wa...
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“As original as it is affecting . . . left me genuinely creeped out, unsettled, and shaken. An existentially frightening book.” —Paul Tremblay, author of Survivor Song “Hold on, this isn’t a ride, it’s a slide, and it doesn’t care whether you’re read... View details

After the groundskeepers backed a truck onto the grass and poured the rest of the dirt onto your grave, the funeral director let everyone know services were now over, and invited them to the potluck d...
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Andrew McCarthy grows concerned for his family after he catches a young man, Zachary Denton, photographing his daughter, Grace McCarthy, and other children at a park. To his dismay, Zachary talks his way out of trouble when he's confronted by the pol... View details

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"A twisted psychological thriller you'll have trouble putting down."-People

"If you liked Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, you might want to pick up The Widow by Fiona Barton. Engrossing. Suspenseful."-Stephen King

F... View details

I can hear the sound of her crunching up the path. Heavy-footed in high heels. She’s almost at the door, hesitating and smoothing her hair out of her face. Nice outfit: jacket with big buttons, decent...
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The Washington Post

San Francisco Chronicle

Before the critically acclaimed novels Await Your Reply and You Remind Me of Me, Dan Chaon made a name for himself as a renowned writer of dazzling short stori... View details

Gene’s son Frankie wakes up screaming. It has become frequent, two or three times a week, at random times: midnight—three A.M.—five in the morning. Here is a high, empty wail that severs Gene from his...
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"Perfect on the outside, but behind the Normal Rockwell facades, each holds its secrets. Dark, untellable. Practically unbelievable." - IDENTICAL

Kaeleigh and Raeanne are 16-year-old identical twins, the daughters of a district court judge father an... View details

Just over an unremarkable mountain stretches the endless Pacific. Mornings here come wrapped in droops of gray mist. Most days it burns off by noon. Other days it just hangs on and on. Smothers like a...
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Despite being the illegitimate daughter of a Chicago Mafioso, Willow Kensington hasn't exactly lived the life of a gangster's progeny-she hardly ever speaks to her father. Instead, she leads a nice, quiet existence at home with her family, surrounded... View details

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