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Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster brimming with laughter, tears, and slow-burn sexiness in this new adult romance that tackles the vulnerability of love with humor and heart.


Ever since she sat next to me in class and gave me death eyes, W... More details on Only When It's Us

Is my fuse a little short? Sure. Are my responses occasionally disproportional? Sometimes. I could learn to simmer down here and there, but I refuse to subdue the storm inside myself. Because inextric...
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Get ready for an emotional ride filled with laughter, longing, and a sweet slow-burn in this sports romance about love's power not in spite of difference, but because of it.... More details on Always Only You

In the three years I’ve known him, I’ve seen him not smiling twice. Once, when he was unconscious on the ice, so I hardly think that counts, and the other time, when an extreme fan shoved her way thro...
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The first rule of book club: You don't talk about book club.

Nashville Legends second baseman Gavin Scott's marriage is in major league trouble. He's recently discovered a humiliating secret: his wife Thea has always faked the Big O. When he loses hi... More details on The Bromance Book Club

Which is why he didn’t get up when his best friend and Nashville Legends teammate, Delray Hicks, pounded on the door to his hotel room, a fourth-floor state of depression that reminded him every minut...
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Gear up for an all-the-feels, steamy slow-burn in this enemies-to-lovers sports romance about fighting for love when life's taught you it's a losing game.


We've been teammates for two years, but it feels like a lifetime that Oliver Bergman's ... More details on Everything for You

I will be the first to admit that I am not my best self when intoxicated. A generally upbeat, sociable guy, I don’t seek alcohol for its loose-limbed, easygoing buzz, and after throwing back a few, I ...
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Cozy up for a heartfelt, humorous, sizzling slow-burn in this marriage of convenience romance about finding love-and home-in the most unlikely of places.


Rooney Sullivan is sunshine incarnate. Warm, bright, always smiling, she's everything I'm ... More details on With You Forever

Thoughts drifting, I soak up the view: sapphire sky, emerald evergreens mingling with burnished bronze leaves, an onyx asphalt ribbon paving the way. My rental car blasts Kesha because, hello, I’m a w...
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Buckle up for an emotional journey of hijinks, heartache, and a hot slow-burn in this marriage-in-crisis romance about going the distance to make love last.


I've spent twelve years loving Freya Bergman and twelve lifetimes won't be enough to ... More details on Ever After Always

Some mutual friends threw together a pickup soccer game one balmy summer Sunday and invited us both. I’d played in high school, kept up with a recreational soccer league while I went through undergrad...
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I don't love him. I don't even like him.

I just want him.

Eli Loveless was my nemesis from the first day of kindergarten until we graduated high school. Everything I did, he had to do better - and vice versa. The day he left town was the best day of... More details on Enemies With Benefits

I don’t want it to. I wish it wasn’t, because I started this date the way I start every date: with unbridled optimism. Before I actually go on a date, I’m always overflowing with excitement and the so...
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It begins on a rainy night, trapped in an ATM vestibule.

Derek Osbourne's life is ruled by a carefully cultivated routine, and there's no room for change. A tattoo artist at Irons and Works, Derek spends his days hunched over a chair, and his night... More details on Free Hand

“I’m surprised you took your boyfriend’s cock out of your mouth long enough to check up on your old man.” The cruelty in the voice didn’t faze Derek much anymore, though tonight his defenses were low....
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Beards, brothers, and bikers Oh my Identical twins Beau and Duane Winston might share the same devastatingly handsome face, but where Beau is outgoing and sociable, Duane is broody and reserved. This is why Jessica James, recent college graduate and ... More details on Truth or Beard

Even though it was Halloween, inducing heart attacks in the geriatric population was not on my agenda. Unfortunately for everyone within earshot, my truck made a ghastly, high-pitched whining sound. T...
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One night brings them together. Another night tears them apart.

Grace Miles misses her easy friendship with Asher, but growing up means growing apart. And really, how could he fall for her when they spent their childhood getting muddy in the creek a... More details on Protecting You

I startled at the sharp sound of grown-ups yelling. Dropping my stick in the trickling creek water, I whipped around to look, but my brothers were the only ones around. Evan was in a tree, probably tr...
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