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Subtitled "An Exegesis of Squalor," The Hard Life is a sober farce from a master of Irish comic fiction. Set in Dublin at the turn of the century, the novel does involve squalor-illness, alcoholism, unemployment, bodily functions, crime, illicit sex-... View details

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Eight complex stories illustrative of the author's belief that "a story must tell itself," highlighted by the high art style of the famous title novella.... View details

GUSTAV ASCHENBACH (or von Aschenbach, as his name read officially since his fiftieth birthday), on a spring afternoon of that year 19—which for months posed such a threat to our continent, had left hi...
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The Development of an Extraordinary Species

We human beings share 98 percent of our genes with chimpanzees. Yet humans are the dominant species on the planet - having founded civilizations and religions, developed intricate and diverse forms of commu... View details

FOR MOST OF THE MILLIONS OF YEARS SINCE the human line separated from the apes, we remained little more than glorified chimpanzees. As recently as sixty thousand years ago, western Europe was still oc...
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