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What do readers say about Ice Planet Barbarians?

alien/human scifi romance noelsweet, funny, and sexy

LOST You'd think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you'd be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they've left their cargo of human women - including me - on an ice planet. FOUND And ... Read more about Ice Planet Barbarians


What do readers say about The Last Hour of Gann?

post-apocalyptic science fiction novelvery well written

It was her last chance:Amber Bierce had nothing left except her sister and two tickets on Earth’s first colony-ship. She entered her Sleeper with a five-year contract and the promise of a better life, but awakened in wreckage on an unknown world.

For... Read more about The Last Hour of Gann

The eviction notice was hanging on the door when they got back from the hospital. The time stamp said 1:27 am, six minutes after Mary Shelley Bierce’s official time of death, an hour and twenty-eight ...


What do readers say about Ruth's Bonded?

alien abduction type novelalien office romance

When Ruth finds herself abducted and thrown into a cell with a big scary alien, naturally she's terrified. At first. But when she's forced to get along with her furry, tailed cellmate (and her clothes get stolen) things slowly start to change between... Read more about Ruth's Bonded

Ruth hit the floor with a bang. Judging by how quickly the floor had risen up to meet her now aching shoulder, she’d fallen a little less than a storey. The pain wasn’t sharp enough for a break, but s...


What do readers say about Cottonwood?

dark alien romancescifi, both dramas

They never meant to come to Earth. They were never allowed to leave...Welcome to Cottonwood.... Read more about Cottonwood

It was almost seven o’clock on a Wednesday morning, which found Sarah Fowler sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the help-wanted ads and singing under her breath in no particular...


What do readers say about Strange Love?

fantastic & freakyfun and wacky

He's awkward. He's adorable. He's alien as hell. Zylar of Kith B'alak is a four-time loser in the annual Choosing. If he fails to find a nest guardian this time, he'll lose his chance to have a mate for all time. Desperation drives him to try a match... Read more about Strange Love

He’d had doubts about signing up for the matching service, but he couldn’t resist the prospect of millions of potential partners across hundreds of compatible species. It was humiliating that he’d bee...


What do readers say about Homebound?

show vs tellstylistically challenged

Earth is in decline, and the wealthy have fled it leaving only the destitute citizens behind. And aliens.

Gemma McKinley works at a prison cleaning goop off the floors and serving food to inmates. When she is reassigned to the alien ward, Gemma is ... Read more about Homebound

Back then, no taxpayer money had been spared on the prison’s construction. Copious amounts of reinforced concrete had been poured in a precise fashion to resemble a medieval castle, and the resulting ...


Brides of the Kindred- A race of Genetic Traders from beyond the stars. Three very different types of Alpha males all focused on one thing...claiming their brides In all their years of travel the Kindred have come across only three worlds with specie... Read more about Claimed


What do readers say about Stolen by an Alien?

alien mistaken identitycraved by an alien


I broke the rules and stole an auction item from her buyers.

Because somehow, they'd managed to abduct a Gryfala princess.

Though… she doesn't look, or act, or sound quite like I thought one of her kind would. ... Read more about Stolen by an Alien

I was up and moving out of the tack room I’d rented a bed in and heading to the stables before I could stop myself. I knew what happened on this scumfilled planet of miscreants. The chattel being boug...


What do readers say about Venomous?

good storyline overallan abducted earth woman

"She is mine to protect, mine to shelter, mine to feed and mine to cover. When she is weak, I shall be her strength. She was stolen from her world by our captors. Now her survival is my responsibility. It is her duty to endure my lust, respect my nes... Read more about Venomous

The scent reminded me of hot days at the beach, lazing on sand dunes as warm breezes tugged my hair, and the underlying muskiness to the bouquet made me realise the snaking tunnel we haunted smelt as ...


One minute Lily is trying, and failing, to run her grandmother's farm-her last remaining connection to her family. The next, she wakes to find herself in a cold, sterile cage surrounded by monsters, with no memory of how she got there. Accidentally a... Read more about Chosen

It was dim, night spilling in from the curtainless windows, with only the flickering light from the television casting eerie shadows on the walls. Over the low murmur of voices from the rerun, she hea...

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