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From New York Times bestselling horror novelist Robert McCammon comes a dark and chilling tale about a witch-hunt in the seventeenth century Carolina colonies.

The Carolinas, 1699: The citizens of Fount Royal believe a witch has cursed their town wit... View details

Came the time when the two travelers knew night would catch them, and shelter must be found. It had been a joyful day for frogs and mudhens. For the human breed, however, the low gray clouds and chill...
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Master spy, Nazi hunter—and werewolf on the prowl—in occupied Paris: A classic of dark fantasy from a Bram Stoker Award—winning author. Allied Intelligence has been warned: A Nazi strategy designed to thwart the D-Day invasion is underway.

A Russian ... View details

By February 1941, it had leaped like a firestorm from Europe to the shores of northwest Africa, where Hitler’s commander of German troops, a competent officer named Erwin Rommel, arrived in Tripoli in...
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Nominated as one of America's best-loved novels by PBS's The Great American Read.

New York Times bestselling author Robert McCammon's prescient and "shocking" (John Saul) vision of a post-apocalyptic US comes to life in his classic epic of terror and... View details

He stared into it, mesmerized by its color—and as the fire grew he had the vision of a tower of flame a thousand feet tall, whirling across the country he loved, torching cities and towns, turning riv...
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Robert McCammon delivers "a tour de force of storytelling" (BookPage) in this award-winning masterpiece, a novel of Southern boyhood, growing up in the 1960s, that reaches far beyond that evocative landscape to touch readers universally.

Boy's Life i... View details

THE GREEN FEATHER WENT INTO MY POCKET. FROM THERE IT found its way into a White Owl cigar box in my room, along with my collection of old keys and dried-up insects. I closed the box lid, placed the bo...
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A relentless alien bounty hunter encloses a Texas town under a dome to isolate, hunt, and kill its prey in “the ultimate horror novel” (The Philadelphia Inquirer).

Ever since the copper mine closed, the West Texas desert hellholes of Inferno and Bord... View details

The purple light took on a tint of orange. Muted gray and dull brown gave way to deep crimson and burnt amber. Stovepipe cactus and knee-high sagebrush grew violet shadows, and slabs of rough-edged bo...
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It was hell's season, and the air smelled of burning children....

With "one of the most arresting first sentences in contemporary writing" (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), Robert McCammon unfurls his visionary masterpiece of survival, redemption, ... View details

I’ve had difficulty writing this commentary, because it takes me back to a point in time that was not very happy. In fact, it was just before I started writing Speaks the Nightbird, and when I knew I ...
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A vampire turns Los Angeles into a city of the dead in this novel by the New York Times–bestselling and Bram Stoker Award–winning author of Swan Song. The Kronsteen castle, a gothic monstrosity, looms over Los Angeles.

Built during Hollywood’s golden... View details

They spun, arched, and spat at the eyes of the boy who sat at the fire's edge, his legs crossed under him in that unconscious way children have of being incredibly supple. Chin supported by palms, elb...
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Laura Clayborne faces a terrifying journey into a world of madness and obsession when her newborn son is taken from the hospital by Mary Terrell, a battered survivor of the radical Sixties who now lives in her own hallucinatory world of murderous rag... View details

The sound roused her from a dream about a castle on a cloud, and set her teeth on edge. It had been a good dream, and in it she’d been young and slim and her hair had been the color of the summer sun....
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Masterful and macabre short fiction from the New York Times–bestselling author of Swan Song. Father John has lived his whole life without knowing a woman’s touch.

Hard at first, his self-denial grew easier over time, as he learned to master his urges... View details

Mase made a nasty sound with his lips and stayed where he was, sitting in the old cane chair that Miss Nancy had said she wouldn’t befoul her behind to sit on. Mase was kinda sweet on Miss Nancy, the ...
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Usher's Passing is about descendants of the Usher family from Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Fall of the House of Usher."

The house of usher is built on death itself-and now it has a new master…

For generations the House of Usher has grown wea... View details

THUNDER ECHOED LIKE AN IRON BELL ABOVE THE SPRAWL OF NEWYork City. In the heavy air, lightning crackled and thrust at the earth, striking the high Gothic steeple of James Renwick's new Grace Church on...
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