Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders

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An era has ended with the death of Charles Manson on November 19, 2017. The crimes that made him infamous and his name a household word happened in 1969, or 48 years ago. Most people alive today do not know much about this, but those who do remember him know a name that strikes fear into their hearts.

That fear arises because Charles Manson seemed to have the almost hypnotic power to bring young women under his control. The members of the Manson Family, as they came to be called, would do what ever he told them to do including the most weird and perverse sexual acts, leading up to and including murder.

Charles Manson was a short, small man, only 5 feet 2 inches tall. He did not seem to have any attributes that would attract women. Why did young women gather around him and become so devoted to him?

The girls in the Manson Family were wholesome appearing young women, from good families with a proper upbringing, nicely dressed and well educated.

What power did Charles Manson have to turn such girls into vicious killers who stabbed their victims whom they did not even know numerous times and then paint the walls with their blood?

The fact is that Charles Manson himself never killed nor harmed anybody. He did not want to get into trouble. Manson, who ordered the Tate-LaBianca killings but was not present for any of them, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. He had simply instructed his followers and family members to carry out the killings.

His most infamous killing was a case of mistaken identity. He fancied himself a song writer so he approached a song publisher with some of his songs.

The song publisher rejected his offerings, so Charles Manson became enraged and determined to kill him.

It so happened that the new tenant to the house was Roman Polanski, film director, producer, writer, and actor. Roman Polanski was especially known as director of the horror movie Rosemary's Baby about a woman who gives birth to a child who is the Spawn of the Devil, as the father of the child was Satan himself.

Because Roman Polanski was associated with Devil Worship, that was thought to be the reason that house was selected and the Manson Family broke in and killed everybody inside, but in reality that was an unfortunate coincidence. Roman Polanski was not at home at the time, but his beautiful wife, actress Sharon Tate, was there and she was eight and a half months pregnant.

So when the Manson Family had broken into the house, killed Sharon Tate, stabbing her 16 times, and cut the baby out of her stomach and killed the baby too, that was thought to have something to do with the movie Rosemary's Baby, where something similar happens.


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