The Nonesuch

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Handsome, wealthy Sir Waldo Hawkridge is the envy of all those around him.

So when the people of Oversett get word of his impending visit, excitement ripples.

But his planned visit ruffles a few feathers, too; not least for Miss Ancilla Trent, who worries about the relationship that may unfold between Waldo and her hot-headed young pupil, Tiffany.

And when Waldo eventually arrives in the village, his presence leads to the most entertaining of ramifications . . .

'One of my perennial comfort authors' JOANNE HARRIS

'Georgette Heyer will not let you down' JENNY COLGAN

'Queen of the Regency period' GUARDIAN


There was a twinkle in the Nonesuch’s eye as he scanned the countenances of his assembled relations, but his voice was perfectly grave, even a trifle apologetic. ‘I am afraid it is quite true, ma’am,’...

About the Author:

Author of over fifty books, Georgette Heyer is the best-known and best-loved of all historical novelists, who made the Regency period her own. Her first novel, The Black Moth, published in 1921, was written at the age of seventeen to amuse her convalescent brother; her last was My Lord John. Although most famous for her historical novels, she also wrote eleven detective stories. Georgette Heyer died in 1974 at the age of seventy-one.


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