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Thor is a German shepherd belonging to a typical suburban family, wise, trustworthy, and tirelessly devoted to his human "pack." Then Uncle Ted comes to live with Thor's owners.

And the terror begins. For Ted is no longer fully human, and only Thor can detect the Bad Thing lurking within Uncle Ted. Only Thor can sense the horror he is helpless to communicate. And only Thor can defeat that horror.


Thor got a bad feeling about the Stranger from the moment he saw him, while the man was still almost a block away — just a tiny figure striding up the sidewalk past the neighbors’ neatly groomed lawn...

About the Author:

Wayne Smith was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1948. He grew up in northern New Jersey, spent a year in Windham College (which no longer exists) in Putney, VT, where he "tuned in, turned on, and dropped out." He moved to San Francisco where he held several McJobs before beginning a brief career in radio, first as a disc-jockey, then a talk-show host (before talk radio became the partisan propaganda machine it is today), and finally a news reporter.

Covering and writing several news stories a day re-awakened his interest in writing, and he eventually left radio to write horror novels. By 1991, when THOR was published, the horror genre had all but shut down, and the market for adult horror became virtually non-existent.


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