Carmilla and Laura

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"This is a beautiful retelling ... perfect for anyone who likes darker-themed romance, horror stories, or plain ol' lesbian vampires." -The Lesbian 52 In the late 19th century, Laura lives a lonely life in a schloss by the forest, Styria, with only her doting father and two governesses for company.

A chance accident brings a new companion, however - the eccentric and beautiful Carmilla. With charm unparalleled and habits as mysterious as her history, Carmilla's allure is undeniable, drawing Laura closer with every affectionate touch and word.

Attraction blossoms into a temptation Laura fears to name, a tantalizing passion burning brighter than the fires of hell. But when a mysterious plague begins stealing the lives of young women in her home and the village beyond, Laura wrestles to reconcile the truth - that the gentle, fragile woman she loves may be a monster cast out of heaven.

Carmilla, the classic vampire novella written by J Sheridan LeFanu, receives new life in this gorgeous retelling, centered on the provocative, controversial leads of the original, Carmilla and Laura.


The sun had scarcely risen, casting tranquil beams of light across my bed. Birds sang a chorus to chime in the morning, and I sat up, unable to help my radiant smile. For a blissful moment, I simply b...

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