Paris Trout

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Pete Dexter's National Book Award-winning tour de force tells the mesmerizing story of a shocking crime that shatters lives and exposes the hypocrisies of a small Southern town.

The time and place: Cotton Point, Georgia, just after World War II. The event: the murder of a fourteen-year-old black girl by a respected white citizen named Paris Trout, who feels he's done absolutely nothing wrong. As a trial looms, the crime eats away at the social fabric of Cotton Point, through its facade of manners and civility. Trout's indifference haunts his defense lawyer; his festering paranoia warps his timid, quiet wife; and Trout himself moves closer to madness as he becomes obsessed with his cause-and his vendettas.

Praise for Paris Trout

"A masterpiece, complex and breathtaking . . . [Pete] Dexter portrays his characters with marvelous sharpness."-Los Angeles Times

"A psychological spellbinder that will take your breath away and probably interfere with your sleep."-The Washington Post Book World

"Dexter's brilliant understanding of the Deep South has allowed him to capture much of its essence-its bitter class distinctions, its violence, its strangeness-with a fidelity of detail and an ear for speech that I have rarely encountered since Flannery O'Connor."-William Styron

"Dexter's powerfully emotional novel doesn't have any brakes. Hang on, because you won't be able to stop until the finish."-Chicago Tribune


The news that Paris Trout had shot two colored females in Indian Heights came to Harry Seagraves from the police chief, Hubert Norland. Seagraves kept Chief Norland on a small retainer for just that s...

About the Author:

Pete Dexter is the author of the National Book Award-winning novel Paris Trout as well as Spooner, Paper Trails, God's Pocket, Deadwood, Brotherly Love, and Train. He has been a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and the Sacramento Bee,…


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