Survival Instincts (Book 2)

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The sparks are flying in this fast-paced romantic suspense featuring:

Forced proximity

Competence kink galore

Survival romance

A chillingly brilliant foe

And scorching, brain-melting heat despite the freezing Alaska setting

Stranded together in a frozen wilderness, there's nowhere left to run...

Hotshot pilot Leo Eddowes is afraid of nothing and no one. So when she's asked to evacuate a man from the wilds of Alaska, she doesn't hesitate. But with enemies in close pursuit and the weather turning sour, what should have been a simple mission quickly shifts to disaster.

And there's only one way out.

When Elias Thorne disappeared, he was America's most wanted. Now he's spent more than a decade in one of the most remote places on earth, guarding a dangerous secret. Leo's arrival, quickly followed by a team of expert hunters, leaves him no choice but to join forces with her-and run. Neither is prepared for their reluctant partnership to flare into something as wild and untamed as the frozen world around them...but as desperately cold days melt into scorchingly hot nights, Leo and Elias must learn to dig deep, trust in each other, and forge a bond as strong as the forces of nature.

Praise for Whiteout:

"Scorching hot."-LORI FOSTER, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Twisted intrigue and sizzling passion."-REBECCA ZANETTI, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Heart and heat abound!"-MOLLY O'KEEFE, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Fiercely enjoyable."-TONI ANDERSON, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

"Exhilarating. I couldn't put it down!"-KATEE ROBERT, New York Times Bestselling Author

"What a thrill ride!"-KATIE RUGGLE, Award-winning Author

"Adriana Anders is a master."-MARIA VALE, Award-winning Author


Leo didn’t give an inch, though she did let the hand holding her weapon at her side drop. Of all the days for the village elder to bust in on her privacy, it had to be today, when she was alone, witho...

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