Crossing the Lines

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.On her way home from yet another failed job interview, Abigail Winters, a young, single mother on the verge of homelessness, accepts a proposition from a rich, handsome stranger.Soon, Abigail is leading two very different lives that have to be kept separate at all costs: one in which she's a loving mother to her young son, and one in which she caters to the needs of the assertive and mysterious Mr. Thorne, both in and out of the bedroom.Their relationship is meant to be strictly business but as lines are crossed and secrets revealed, Abigail finds herself struggling not to fall head over heels in love with her reclusive Sir, thus putting their arrangement in jeopardy.


Thankfully, he does, and I’m able to relax just a little as I rise and begin assembling what I need: bread, the last two slices of cheese, and a stick of butter. The empty cavern of my fridge stares b...

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