In Love And War

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I didn't see it coming. But, in all fairness, you could maybe, potentially, most definitely, say that I was just a little bit… distracted. It was the dimple. I think. Or it may have been his eyes. God, those eyes .…Alright, fine. It was the whole damn thing, okay? Head to stupid toe. The guy was gorgeous. Like, the type of gorgeous that knocks the breath right out of your lungs and makes you forget how to string together even simple, semi-coherent sentences. So, no, of course I didn't see it coming. I didn't even know the arrogant, pompous, uptight jerk could fire me without my father putting a stop to it, let alone predict that he would do it to promote his own personal agenda. But the second I figured it out was the second I started to plot my revenge. Seven years later, I'm back. And I'm not the same infatuated teenager he thought he could so easily get rid of. I'm here to fight. To take back what's mine. This is war, and Zackary Evans is going down.


It was almost exactly seven years ago. He’d worn a charcoal-grey suit with a black shirt and tie, complemented by silver cufflinks and dark brown leather shoes. No watch, which had been surprising. Th...

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