The House of Long Shadows

House of Souls (Book 1)

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The house at 889 Morgan Road has been empty almost thirty years. Maybe it should have stayed that way.

Kevin Taylor is an internet-famous handyman on a mission: Find a house and renovate it in thirty days. By flipping a derelict house in a month's time and chronicling the entire thing on video for his online subscribers, he seeks to impress a handful of network TV producers and become a star.

The problems that plague this property will require more than elbow grease to fix, however.

Shadows throughout the home are distorted, and an enigmatic trespasser keeps showing up in his footage. Worse still are the hideous voices that issue from otherwise empty rooms in the dead of night.

Amid mounting dangers, Kevin is forced to meet the house's shadowed past head-on-a past, he begins to suspect, he wants nothing to do with. Armed only with the hearsay of locals and the frightening clues he's uncovered within the home, he attempts to find out what led to the house's abandonment while juggling his strenuous renovation projects.

What he uncovers is horrible beyond imagination. All signs seem to be pointing to one thing:

Something in the house is awakening.


By its definition, it's a dreamless sleep. It's a sleep without borders, where existence is a very tenuous thing. My life had been reduced to a burning candle left out in the rain, the flame bobbing a...

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