Reign of a King

Kingdom Duet (Book 1)

Rina Kent
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Nothing is fair in war. Jonathan King is every bit his last name.

Powerful. Untouchable. Corrupted. He's also my dead sister's husband and way older than me.

When I first met him as a clueless child, I thought he was a god. Now, I have to confront that god to protect my business from his ruthless grip. Little did I know that declaring a war on the king will cost me everything. When Jonathan covets something, he doesn't only win, he conquers. Now, he has his sights on me. He wants to consume not only my body, but also my heart and my soul. I fight, but there's no escaping the king in his kingdom.

Reign of a King is the first book of a duet and is not stand-alone.


Instead, I spent an entire week trying to forge an invitation. I ended up going out with one of Steel Corporation’s leaders, Agnus Hamilton. He’s not just the CFO. He’s also Ethan Steel’s right-hand m...

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