My Enemy's Cradle

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A young Jewish woman finds refuge from the terrors of WWII inside a Nazi birthing facility in this "gripping novel" set in war-torn Holland (Historical Novel Society).

Cyrla's neighbors have begun to whisper. Her cousin, Anneke, is pregnant. And she's eligible for admission to the Lebensborn: a German maternity home for girls carrying Aryan babies. But Anneke's love, a German soldier, has disappeared. And she knows that Lebensborn babies are either released to their father's custody??-??or taken away.

Meanwhile, someone has discovered the truth of Cyrla's identity. As a Polish Jew, she was sent to her Dutch relatives for safekeeping years ago. Now she must choose between certain discovery and posing as Anneke in the Lebensborn. But how can she take refuge in the enemy's lair?

Mining a lost piece of history, author Sara Young takes readers deep inside the Nazi Lebensborn program. An elegy for the terrible choices women must sometimes make to survive, My Enemy's Cradle is also a story of finding love, hope, and humanity in the darkest of times.


From the doorway, I saw soup splash from my aunt's ladle onto the tablecloth. These days, there was no fat in the broth to set a stain; still, my heart dropped when she made no move to blot the spill....

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Under the name Sara Pennypacker, SARA YOUNG has written seven books for children, including the acclaimed Stuart series (Stuart's Cape) and Clementine. She lives on Cape Cod.

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