Heaven's Harlots: My Fifteen Years as a Sacred Prostitute in the Children of God Cult

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An explosive first-person account by a young woman who spent fifteen years in a sex cult called the Children of God, which encouraged "sacred prostitution" and taught that "The Lord is our pimp."

Miriam Williams was an idealistic child of the sixties who, at seventeen, accepted an invitation from a "Jesus person" to visit a commune in upstate New York. She would soon be prostituting herself for a perverse cult that used sex to lure sinners to the Lord - and this is her shocking, searingly honest account of a fifteen-year spiritual odyssey gone haywire.

The Children of God turned its female devotees into Heaven's Harlots, leading strangers to the love of God by enticing them with the pleasures of the flesh. At its height, the cult boasted 19,000 members around the world: In such places as France and Monte Carlo, young women, Miriam among them, mingled with the rich and famous to save their souls, and in this unsparing, unnerving autobiography, she'll identify some of her high-profile "clients." She left this bizarre world in an attempt to protect her son, born through an arranged marriage and kidnapped by his father.

Now, in a clear, compelling, cautionary tale, she shares both her extraordinary existence as a holy whore and the daunting experience of rebuilding a normal life - an ordeal that led her to found a group dedicated to helping other cult survivors reclaim their souls as well.


Introduction 1. “God Is A Pimp” 2. A Curiouser and Curiouser World 3. Through the Looking Glass 4. Sharing “One Wife” 5. “God’s Whores” 6. Flirty Fishing in the Kingdom 7. Casting the Net 8. Sacred Pr...


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