Sweetheart, Sweetheart

Bernard Taylor
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David Warwick, an Englishman living in New York, has a sudden premonition that his twin brother, Colin, is in danger. He returns to England and learns the shocking truth: both Colin and his young bride Helen have died ghastly deaths - deaths that no one in the village wants to talk about.

Now David has inherited his brother's home, Gerrard's Hill Cottage, a lovely house with a lush garden that seems to promise peace and comfort to all who dwell there.

But as David tries to unearth the facts of what really happened to his brother and his wife, he has no idea of the horror and evil that surround him or the terrible fate that may be in store ...

A chilling story that builds slowly and inexorably towards its shocking climax, Bernard Taylor's Sweetheart, Sweetheart(1977) has been recognized as one of the finest horror novels ever written.

This edition features a new introduction by Michael Rowe.


"My favorite ghost story ... at once manages to be both moving and extremely unsettling ... there isn't anything that beats it." - Charles L. Grant

"Ingenious and well-crafted - a most satisfying chiller!" - Grand Rapids Press

"A slow-burning, invisibly seductive ghost story." - Kirkus Reviews(starred review)


As I lie here in the short-cropped grass with my eyes just half open a butterfly alights on the carved angel’s head. It stays only a few seconds—its wings opening and closing—then takes off, flutterin...


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