Her Secret Service Agent

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She wants her Secret Service agent back… She was the president's only daughter. And like a bad movie cliché, Vivian Bennett fell in love with her Secret Service agent, Joe Hunt.

Except the night she chose to confess her feelings, the night he rebuked her embarrassing advance, was the night her stalker kidnapped her. That was ten years ago. Joe, of course, had rescued her. But that didn't stop her father from firing him, and her juvenile mistake cost Viv her best friend.

Well, she's back in Washington and, even though her dad's no longer in office, she's started to get threatening letters. She needs—wants—the only man she's ever trusted to protect her a second time.


“Just follow me,” Vivian said, taking Joe by the hand and leading him through the crowded house party a couple of blocks off the Georgetown campus. She needed privacy, something she’d thought would be...


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Her Secret Service Agent?

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