Merrick (Book 2)

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New York, 1800 : William Lacy is about to leave his life behind...and with it, his humanity. It's the only way to save the life of Silas Merrick, the kindly apothecary who happens to be an immortal.

William was Merrick's apprentice when they fell in love one dreamy summer in the woodlands upstate. Soon Merrick will be his master again - but instead of teaching William to heal the sick, he'll be teaching him to kill.

It's not what Merrick wanted, and William knows it.

Haunted by dark secrets and a bitter grudge against his oldest friend Theo, Merrick struggles to accept the happiness William's love has brought him. As William adjusts to his new life outside of humanity, he'll have to teach Merrick a few things, as well - like how to let go of the past, embrace his desires, and share his life with the one he loves.

In the process, William learns he and that infuriating fop Theo have more in common than he ever wanted to know.

Love deepens, mysteries unfold and secrets are revealed in this sequel to Merrick.

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