The Colony

The Colony (Book 1)

F.G. Cottam
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For over a century, the New Hope Island vanishing has tantalized the world. How did 150 people disappear from a lonely Hebridean island, leaving no trace and no clues?

Media magnate Alexander McIntyre decides to solve the mystery, and gathers a team of experts to mount an expedition to the island. He hopes running the story as a rolling exclusive will revive the fortunes of his flagship news-stand title. He hopes to find conclusive answers to questions that have teased a curious world for decades.

And he wants his own secret theory triumphantly vindicated.

But all is not as it should be on the island. A 1930s cinefilm reveals something as terrifying as it is inexplicable. An Afghan war veteran, sent to secure the island before the experts arrive, witnesses a nightmare far beyond battle trauma.

And as expedition members gather, they discover to their gruesome cost that there are some mysteries far safer left unsolved...


McIntyre sat in his screening room with a single malt at his elbow and Mahler’s 9 unfurling around him through the concealed speakers housed in the ceiling and walls. He decided that he would switch t...


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