Disorderly Conduct

The Anna Albertini Files (Book 1)

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Bullets and Kisses Can Burn

The last person Anna Albertini expects to see in an orange jumpsuit in District Court-a place she SO doesn't belong as a new prosecuting attorney-is Irishman Aiden Devlin, the man who'd saved her life when they were kids. For years, she has dreamed about him. Now here he is-his eyes blue, his chest wide, and his hands in cuffs.

Sure, Aiden says he doesn't want her help, and his ties to a deadly motorcycle club should give her warning. His kisses are both dangerous...and addictive. Also, her new boss is a sexy Italian bad boy who might be using the case to climb to the top, while the detective assigned to the case wants her to stay out of his way.

With so much testosterone surrounding her all of a sudden, most women would find it hard to concentrate. This might be why the case leads Anna to a disastrous spa appointment, a run-in with a tree, and chase with a nude old man around a courtroom. It's a good thing Anna learned a long time ago to be her own hero, no matter how fast the bullets fly or the kisses consume.


The smell of the earth, deep and true, centered her in the hastily created tunnel. It probably said something about Karma that she preferred darkness, muddy walls, and being underground to anywhere el...


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