Blind Justice

Sir John Fielding (Book 1)

Bruce Alexander
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Falsely charged of theft in 1768 London, thirteen-year-old orphaned printer's apprentice Jeremy Proctor finds his only hope in the legendary Sir John Fielding. Fielding, founder of the Bow Street Runners police force, then recruits young Jeremy in his mission to fight London's most wicked crimes.


Having often been asked to commit to print these memories of my association with the late Sir John Fielding, the celebrated magistrate of the Bow Street Court, I now set pen to paper for the first tim...

About the Author:

Bruce Alexander is the pseudonym for a well-known journalist and author of fiction and nonfiction. He was the author of the Sir John Fielding historical mysteries, including Murder in Grub Street, which was named a notable book by the New York Times Book…


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