The Son of Neptune

The Heroes of Olympus (Book 2)

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What is Percy Jackson doing at Camp Jupiter and why is everyone calling him the Son of Neptune? Percy and his new friends, Roman demigods Frank and Hazel, must embark on a daring and mystical quest to battle beasts, giants, and gods. Will Percy ever regain his memory, uncover the meaning of the ancient prophecy, and reunite with Annabeth?

As he did in Percy Jackson & the Olympians, author Rick Riordan mixes classic mythology with modern adventure in this action-packed series that will keep readers turning the pages - and taking an interest in the original myths!


They should have died three days ago when he dropped a crate of bowling balls on them at the Napa Bargain Mart. They should have died two days ago when he ran over them with a police car in Martinez. ...

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