The Forever War

The Forever War (Book 1)

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The monumental Hugo and Nebula award winning SF classic- Featuring a new introduction by John Scalzi

The Earth's leaders have drawn a line in the interstellar sand-despite the fact that the fierce alien enemy they would oppose is inscrutable, unconquerable, and very far away. A reluctant conscript drafted into an elite Military unit, Private William Mandella has been propelled through space and time to fight in the distant thousand-year conflict; to perform his duties and do whatever it takes to survive the ordeal and return home. But "home" may be even more terrifying than battle, because, thanks to the time dilation caused by space travel, Mandella is aging months while the Earth he left behind is aging centuries...


“Tonight we’re going to show you eight silent ways to kill a man.” The guy who said that was a sergeant who didn’t look five years older than me. So if he’d ever killed a man in combat, silently or ot...

About the Author:

A multiple winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Joe Haldeman is an ultimate household name in science fiction. A Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient, since the original publication of The Forever War, Joe has maintined a continuous string of SF classics, and as a long-time Professor of Creative Writing at M.I.T., is widely acknowledged as a key mentor figure to many of this generation's top SF stars.

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Eric Johnson
science fiction, military scifi, light romance

I thought it was a deep book altogether. It definitely described some absurdities of war, and how the main character was caught in the war itself. It's a thought-provoking book and is a good read for military science fiction fans.

1/13/2023 8:04:03 PM

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