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Jermila Sealys
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Jermila Sealys holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with ten years of experience working in the field of Nursing. She is a British Army veteran who went on a mission to Iraq. Her familiarity with sudden death results from the casualties seen on her job and having a significant number of close family members die suddenly.

For six years, she had to deal with the sudden death of loved ones within proximity. After years of bottling up all her emotions and pain, she mustered the courage to release the pain, grief, and loss. She is ready to empower others to step out of the shadows of grief, pain, tears, fears, and guilt to live everyday lives.

Jermila is passionate about working with women who have unexpectedly suffered the loss of loved ones. She is now a Grief Support Coach, Speaker, and Author through her transformation. Her goal is to provide support, empowerment, and education for women to be able to deal with death as a natural part of life and not as seen through taboo lenses.

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Loved It

It tells of my story during the loss of family members and how I struggle to get to term with the loss

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