I am a new author living and working full time in the West of England. Thats not to say I have never written anything before, but this is my first full novel. Alongside my career as an industrial electrician I am a practising Christian and have spent many years working as a volunteer with charities and faith groups in Sudan and South Sudan. My first novel draws on these years of experience and some of the people in Sudan and South Sudan that I have come to know. I'd like to say that I have won some fancy literary awards and been commended in various writing competitions but that would just be a lie. Instead I'll just tell you that I put a lot of thought and care in to what I really love to do so that you could enjoy it and perhaps be challenged by it. Still married after ‘all these years’ I'm very much a family man who enjoys a beer, chasing around after his grandchildren, riding a bicycle some where scenic and setting pen to paper.

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I thought that this was a very well written, clever and emotionally charged story. Rachel Joyce is great at bringing real feelings in to focus through unreal action and events in simple scenarios. Harold is moved by a letter he recieves and does something realy quite incredible and unlike him. He's not sure what he doing or how things will work out just that he has to do this. What Haorld thinks he is doing and what he actually achieves are two very different things. The journey that Harold takes, like any true pilgrimage, is not just about covering a distance to reach a destination but travelling through life and being immersed in it and altered by it. Harold has things that he needs to come to terms with and once free of the life that he has surrounded himself with he unwittingly is exposed to adventures and experiences that challenge and encourage him. He faces down doubt and does reach his set destination but it would be telling to give away any more detail than that. It's the journey that counts and if you pilgrimage with Harold you too will experience plenty of emotions and be alterered in way you cannot yet know. Rachel Joyce is a master at her craft and weaves with great care a simple yet magical tale that I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did.

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