Will Brooks is the creator of the Edward’s Diary series. 

This means that he is also the creator of several fantastical creatures such as Frank, the living voodoo doll who shares Edward’s DNA; The Tooth Troll, who takes your teeth out of your mouth while you’re sleeping; Cheese, who eats your discarded toenails from under the bed; and many many more. 

Will has been writing and drawing these strange little monsters for most of his life, and has finally decided to share them with the world. 

He spends most of his time at his favourite place in the world, his house. He lives with his wife/editor Lauren, and his little French bulldog, Woody. 

Will plans to make Edward’s Diary into a series of books, games and spinoff projects. To keep up to date, follow @readedwardsdiary on Facebook. 


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Harry Potter is a great book for people of all ages. There is something in there for everyone. It’s every child’s dream come true to be invited to a school of magic and to know that they are special.

Loved It

This book gives such an accurate description of what the zombie apocalypse would be like. You are able to suspend reality and really read this as a non-fiction book at times.


I love these imaginative creations and the beautiful poems that accompany the dark drawings. This book is a great, but short read. It really gives us a glimpse inside the imagination of Tim Burton.

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