Joyce was born and raised in the Philippines. She started as a nurse educator before going into full-time hospital work and had a go at administrative jobs for a while. She currently lives in the south of England and is devoting more time to writing. When she isn’t deleting awful first drafts, she’s helping out at her local bookshop and raiding the biscuits in the pantry.

Reviews by Joyce-Rachelle

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Liked It

This book made me feel like a child again. And then it reminded me that even though I was a child, the world had always been old.

Loved It

I loved this book. There was just enough comedy in it to give a fresh take on things, but not to much so as to make light of them. Dorothy Parker has a talent for rhyme and reason.

Liked It

Milk and Honey was OK, although it did make me wonder whether there was too much unfiltered truth in there. It was good light reading, but one that I would think twice before recommending to parents or siblings.

Liked It

This was a great book to read at any time of the day when I had a spare minute and it just made me distance myself and think for a while about things that truly matter.

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