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I'm a medical doctor, Radiologist. And I love writing about medical topics, especially my field of ultrasound imaging.

Most of my books are ebooks available on Amazon Kindle.

I prefer using the atlas format for my books as that makes them easily understood.

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"Breasts and Eggs" is a novel by Japanese author Mieko Kawakami, translated into English by Sam Bett and David Boyd. The story follows the life of a 30-year-old Tokyo woman named Natsuko who is grappling with questions about motherhood, family, and the meaning of womanhood in contemporary Japan.

The book is divided into two parts, with the first part focusing on Natsuko's relationship with her older sister Makiko and her young niece Midoriko, who visit from their rural hometown. The second part of the book jumps forward in time and finds Natsuko still struggling with these same issues years later, now considering the possibility of having a child through artificial insemination.

Kawakami's writing is spare and evocative, with a focus on the inner lives of her characters. She tackles complex themes with sensitivity and nuance, exploring the pressures faced by women in modern Japan to conform to societal expectations of femininity and motherhood.

Overall, "Breasts and Eggs" is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant novel that offers a powerful critique of gender norms and social hierarchies in contemporary Japan.


A new approach to well being. This is an interesting book. What is dianetics and it's effect on well being.

Loved It

Great book on survival through the modern hospital system. It is worth reading. Great writing skills and non fiction.

Loved It

This is a great book on early parenting especially your infant. Worth every penny spent on it.. And a bestseller.

Loved It

A great book on women's health, especially related to pregnancy and childbirth. Uterine health is an important part of women's well-being.


Natural way to healing yourself. Good book for natural approach to health. Useful for young adult to the elderly. Prevention of disease is better than treatment.

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