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May Doyle has a weakness for biscuits and can often be found sitting amidst a pile of crumbs while writing her latest paranormal romance.

When she’s not writing, May enjoys time with her three King Charles Cavaliers, who make the perfect lap dogs. She also loves reading about characters who overcome obstacles to get to their happily ever after.

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Could not put this down. This Horde king is scarred, insane and feared by most. He's had a tragic past yet there are glimpses of humour and sarcasm that make him human and relatable. In an attempt to save her family and complete an impossible mission, Vienne is set on course to meet him head-on. She's different from other humans and gets under his skin in ways that aren't just physical. Unwilling to give up, she stands her ground and with resilience and determination, she surprises him with her strength and resolve.


Dash's loneliness was palpable and the fact he hunted down a little girl who was sending him letters but had disappeared was wildly sweet even more so when he insisted on looking after both of them. His wolf had their scent and was refusing to let them go. I like that Elizabeth stood her ground with Dash and didn't give in to the attraction she felt for him straight away. Loved the side characters that popped up in this book and later have their own.


Brawn is trapped inside a nightmare when he once again finds himself at the hands of his tormentors, but this time he has a human to look after and the strength of his feeling leads to him giving in to his captors to save her and falling for her at the same time.

When Becca's father unknown to her interferes with their budding relationship and tentative friendship they both think they'll never see each other again until a surprise has Becca on the run and inevitably brings them back together.

These two deserved their happily ever after but I really wanted to slap her dad on the back of the head for interfering and definitely think Becca should have drawn out Brawn's misery a bit longer :)


I absolutely adore Valiant. He's wild and very straightforward in his wants to the point of taking what he wanted like he had a right to it. He's very black and white at the start of the book, and I feel like we see real character development with him. His time with Tammy allowed Valiant to experience a much more nuanced world, and he became a more understanding and compassionate individual by the end.

Tammy was sweet and had her own issues but she wasn't as frightened of Valiant and where it mattered she was a strong character. She was formidable in her own ways and admirable especially when there's an unexpected twist and she's kidnapped.


There was nothing I didn't like about this book. Jesse and Justice were an amazingly hot couple. She gives Justice what he wants because she wants him, but she soon realizes they can't be together if they hide their relationship. Definitely a hot read, and one that left me wanting more. More of the characters and more of this world. Amazing series!

Liked It

Anna has always thought she was weak, but Charles insists she isn't; that she is strong and calming; an omega. A rare and special kind of wolf.

There is no doubt about the love between these two characters. The relationship between them is sweet and nuanced. Anna is still discovering herself, and Charles is lonely. During their search for a rogue, they discover how deeply they care.

There was an ease to their relationship that stuck with me, even when they had moments of doubt. It was as if they had known each other forever.

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Liked It

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