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Hi, I'm Kitty Sonder. I’m an author and artist who loves to fill the world with the stories and characters in my heart. My dream is to bring people escapism and hope through my art and writing, especially in times of darkness.

Dernketh the Broken Island is my debut novel, a young adult fantasy featuring an evil island, a broken boy and a stubborn heroine who will stop at nothing to help the people she loves. And the island will do anything to stop her, especially when she starts to discover a terrible secret...

When I’m not writing you can find me drawing happy pets, or see me being knocked off sea walls by random dogs (they sense I’m one of them), and binge-watching Korean dramas. Come and say hi on my Instagram @kittysonder or check out my website for drawings of the characters and information about my books:

Reviews by Kitty-Sonder

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Such an epic book that had you gasping one second and laughing the next. I just adored the wicked banter between Nathaniel and Elisabeth, it was such a guilty pleasure. And of course the mysterious Silas. The scenes of young Nathaniel were so touching and emotional. I would have read it again but my dad was impatiently waiting to read it, he adored it too.

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