My name is Brynne, and I'm a longtime author in a variety of genres. While I personally prefer to write (and read!) fantasy (in most flavors,) I also enjoy fiction, speculative fiction, historical fiction... you get the idea! I am particularly fond of fairy tale retellings. Books are wonderful, and reading is magical. I hope I can bring some magic to you!

I really enjoy putting together prompt collections/journals for other authors. I have about 20 (at the moment) available on Amazon. So, if you're a writer looking for ideas, please take a look!

Reviews by Brynne-Nelson

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Loved It

Cute, fun, and young. I loved the way it led smoothly from one point to another. Enjoyed the big plot twist (shhh!)


I love this book! Creel is a delight, and Shardas is so gravely joyful (is that a thing?) Just a wonderful read, recommend the whole trilogy—it's ALL great!


One of my first dragon books, and WOW does it hold up 25 years later. Still makes me laugh (riotously, sometimes.) Still makes me think and feel creative. Still just wonderful!


Beauty was my first exposure to retellings at age 8, and it has held up wonderfully as I've grown! Gorgeous story.

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