Richard Cooper-Knight

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Based in Somerset, Richard has had a love for photography for more than 20 years, building a long-lasting blog and rescuing antique photographs and cartes de visite from junk shops.

A keen amateur genealogist, he has drawn his two passions together, researching First World War graves in the churchyards and cemeteries across the south of England.

When not traipsing around muddy graveyards, Richard has a penchant for real ale and folk music.

Reviews by Richard-Cooper-Knight

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A heartfelt story of despair from our 21st century perspective, but a tale of gallantry being ebbed away from the role of the young German soldier.


War Horse is a tender commemoration of the lives of the horses sent to serve the Expeditionary Forces during the Great War. It is a heartfelt look at what they - and their owners - went through, and how they were left.

Loved It

A beautiful, but haunting insight into the lives of those who stepped forward to pay the ultimate sacrifice for King and Country.

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