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James Swallow-Gaunt
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I started writing “The New Troubles” 7 years and at first it was supposed to be a story of my time serving with the British army, my struggle with PTSD and drug, and alcohol addiction.

As I put my truth on the paper I struggled to put into words the trauma I had experienced. Time and time again I tried to write but each painful memory stopped me from moving on.

As I researched the pandemic I was drawn into a war between truth and conspiracy, a war that was been fought over social media. As more academic studies came out, so did new evidence from those who doubted the official narrative.

.Taking parts of myself I created my characters, my team and as a tribute to the soldiers I served with I gave it my old teams call sign Romeo Two Zero Bravo.

Using the characters allowed me to finally put into words the trauma that had trouble me for two decades. Each time I put onto paper the things I had done and been through I felt some weight being lifted.

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Loved It

As a veteran who served in Northern Ireland I found this story both narrowing and encapsulating. Reading the story brought me right back to the time on the streets of Belfast.


Really loved this book, it was one of the first to give you a glimpse into the future. As I read 1984 in school I couldn't really appreciate the story. Now as a veteran I have lived it.


I absolutely loved the book and the way it drew into a future that is not that hard to believe would happen. The district are similar to 15 minute cities and the use of surveillance is very similar to how the characters are followed through the film.

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