Award-winning author M. C. Ryder has been composing stories, poems, and lyrics from the beginning of time when reading became a hobby. The sky is the limit but enjoys exploring the beaten path both figuratively and literally. Resides in the Keystone State with a clowder of felines who rule the house. Enjoys long trail walks during the cozy tinge of Autumn, appreciates music with deep lyrical meaning, and relishes in reading a variety of genres.

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Liked It

Until now, I had no idea this book existed. I read the original The Shack and saw the movie, but for some reason, that book is not showing up so this one is better than nothing. I'm checking the book as I type this. Light reading it appears and insightful.


I think Eclipse is the best book in the Twilight saga. There's drama, conflict, wolves, and action. My favorite movie too.

Loved It

It was a sweet romance that drew the reader in. Built a friendship before a relationship even if the characters were from two different worlds.

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